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"The most important part of our work is, of course, it's usefulness to people suffering from mental health problems"










Call us on
020 8560 8360


Charity Number 1084699




"A model of exceptionally good practice – applicable elsewhere"

Health Advisory Service/Social Service Inspectorate

"A remarkable project"                      

John Bowis MEP  past Junior Minister for Health

“I had no idea what to expect when I went to Cathja.  Everyone was so accepting of me.  I now think a lot about my project even though I never considered myself practical at all”     

Ria – Client

“It’s a wonderful place for people to recover from mental health problems. They can create things whilst building confidence in themselves in a friendly and supportive environment.”      

Community Mental Health Nurse,
West London Mental Health Trust

"I don’t think anyone outside of Cathja really understands what it does. What they do understand is that I have become more well"



"It’s a safe place to express yourself in, you’re not judged"


"What’s so fantastic about Cathja is that people understand that you can’t always be what you – or others – want you to be. I’ve done marvellously – I’m happier, have a sense of hope, it's not all bleak any more, I’ve a sense of self" 


"On these days, my wife tells me to get myself down to the workshop. I don’t have to ask but just show up. I am not quizzed about how I am feeling but just welcomed. It always works and I go home feeling better. Knowing Cathja is there whenever I need it is the most important thing for me – and my family"


"It fundamentally changed my values, my outlook on life, my attitude to other people – everything"




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